HMC Enterprises AZ - Stephen Robin - HomeHMC Enterprises is an Arizona licensed broker. A broker is one who finds a lender to originate a loan to a qualified borrower. We also act as a banker by originating, funding and servicing loans. The service we provide gives the borrower many options in finding an acceptable loan.

Many loans may not qualify with our major lenders because they are non-conforming. Some of these loans, however,  may qualify through our company. We can provide fast response to the most complicated loan types. We handle all loan documentation, closing and servicing of the loans we fund.

This business started in Illinois in 1972. In Illinois we were licensed as Harbor Mortgage Company and because of a conflict with another company with that name in Arizona, we changed our name to HMC Enterprises and have been licensed as such since 1986. The company has both an Arizona license MB008084 and a national license (NMLS) 143282. Our company originates not only single family, townhouse and condo loans, we also provide commercial financing as well. We fund and service loans for new construction as well as acquisition and improvements.