Why HMC Enterprises

HMC Enterprises AZ - Stephen Robin - Why HMC EnterprisesWe are quick, reliable and inexpensive. When you call us, we will first analyze the deal you present. If it’s a refinance or purchase, you want to know the least expensive way to borrow money. We have, as an example, a program we developed that compares your current loan, if any, with a new loan. We can also provide an accurate analysis of whether it pays to pay any points to buy the interest down. In refinancing we will always attempt to provide a free refinance where you don’t pay for the cost of the refinance or add the costs to the loan. In some cases the borrower may advance some costs that are reimbursed upon the funding of the loan.

We always provide an engagement letter that spells out your rights, any required documents and estimated out of pocket costs. This is usually as part of a package of documents, called the loan package.

HMC Enterprises AZ - Stephen Robin - Why HMC EnterprisesWhen you use us, we like to think of the process as “arm chair” financing. We do our best to make the process simple and fun. We try to avoid having to spend lots of time filling out complicated forms. If you engage us, you will spend just a few minutes over the phone, answer some questions and we then input all the required information in our loan program. When the loan package is completed, in a matter of a few minutes, this package can be sent to you via the internet, US Mail or in person, whatever works best for you. If for any reason you wish to cancel the loan with us, you can do so easily. This first step, probably the biggest step, usually requires no upfront money from you.